Spirit Radio

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Ireland’s new national Christian radio station will be up and running in September.  It will broadcast initially on the internet and urgently needs money to conclude the transmission network to put it on the airwaves nationwide.

On the plus side, the new station has its studio and is looking for volunteers to get it ready, and for Catholic / Christian presenters, DJ's.  In advertisements placed recently it sought “enthusiastic multi-tasking presenters” to fill a number of on-air positions.  The qualifications sought were faith and experience in broadcasting.

“A presenter with an authentic belief can say ‘this is what I heard in mass on Sunday or this is what God is doing in my life, I thank God for this…’.  So if we can get people who are walking their faith, they will talk more authentically.  That is a challenge,” Dave Heffernan, Spirit Radio, tells ciNews.
He is discovering that there are not too many committed Christians /Catholics in the broadcast media, however he does intend to run training courses in the future aimed at the wider Christian community.
Spirit Radio promoters feel very fortunate to have acquired the studio of FM 104 music station in Dublin as they had expected to start building one up from scratch.
 “A readymade studio was a real asset to us,” says Dave.

Now all they need is the remainder of the funding, including around Euro 300,000 for the transmission network and working capital in the bank to complete requirements of the Broadcasting Commission.  In these recessionary times fundraising is almost impossible.

One Irish American lady gave of her time to help get the radio studio ready whilst in Ireland on holidays and sent back a donation of $10,000.  She expressed the wish that the Irish people and church would provide for their own Christian radio station.

Spirit Radio is Ireland’s new national Christian radio station licensed by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI).  The station will be a contemporary music driven Christian radio station with a mix of positive music and talk.  The station will be run to the high standards of contemporary radio today.  Spirit Radio is a registered charity. 

For further details, see or contact: Spirit Radio, Suite 14, The Cubes Offices, Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin 18

by Ann Marie Foley