New website links adoration to vocations

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Within the last two weeks two new websites were opened, both of interest to Catholics. 

A new Vatican website,, dedicated to priests and the clergy, is searching for people willing to offer Eucharistic adoration for the priesthood.  "It is our intention to bring about a connection between perpetual adoration for the reparation of faults, and the sanctification of priests, wrote Cardinal Hummes and Archbishop Piacenza in a letter launching the campaign. is in six languages – French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

The section of Documentation contains Documents of the Holy Father and of the Congregation, covering themes proper to priests, deacons and catechists.

The Library section deals with books and documents for consultation and study, divided into various topics relevant to the exercise of sacred ministry.

The Biblia Clerus section explores the Word of God, reading it with the most authoritative sources: Fathers, Magisterium, and Doctors of the Church.

The Statics section gives an analysis and a statistical overview of the reality of clergy in the world.

There is an excellent section on Praying for Priests, which encourages the readers to take part in Eucharistic Adoration, whenever this is possible in one’s own parish church. Through this it is hoped that this practice will help impove the number of vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

One can also join the Congregation's official mailing lists to receive documents directed to the clergy and catechists

The second website is, set  up by Matthew Fradd and previewed in The Irish Catholic  this week. It was set up last November and is already attracting large numbers of visitors. Its aim is to present the harmful psychological, sociological and spiritual consequences of pornography, how to recognise the signs of addictions and how to seek help.

“The trap with porn," he says, “is that you seem to get all of the pleasure without the consequences, and you felt like you’re getting away with it – for a while. But before you realise it, the damage has already been done.”

He goes on: “The website does not use shame or guilt trips but simply compassion, practical steps towards healing and the real demands that authentic love and manhood require.”

“Pornography emasculates men, crippling their ability to love. It degrades women, reducing the mystery of personhood to mere body parts & destroys marriages and families.”